Kromasil® Classic

Beyond expectations

Kromasil Classic columns fulfill the highest requirements in chromatography in both analytical and preparative HPLC due to the combined strengths of Kromasil Classic high performance spherical silica:

  • high surface area
  • mechanical strength
  • chemical stability
  • chemical purity
  • optimized surface properties
  • well-defined pore structure

The perfectly spherical, porous Kromasil HPLC silica particles are produced with pore sizes of 60 Å, 100 Å and 300 Å, respectively, therefore allowing for analysis of small, medium sized (up to 10 kg . mol--1) and large analytes (e.g. proteins, biomolecules).

Particle sizes available are in the range from 1.8 to 16 μm (larger particles on request). Narrow particle size distributions result in high efficiency, low pressure drop and best total economy in chromatographic purifications.

The following modifications are available:

Kromasil Classic 60 Å:


Kromasil Classic 100 Å:

SIL1, NH2, C4, C8, C18, Phenyl

Kromasil Classic 300 Å:

SIL1, C4, C8, C18

1: bare silica gel

Kromasil ClassicShell C18 and Kromasil ClassicShell C8 complement the Kromasil analytical columns portfolio by Core-Shell phases having the same selectivity as the porous silica phases. The Kromasil ClassicShell phases expand opportunities for the analysis of laboratory samples in the fields of research and quality control in pharmaceutical, environmental, food and beverages and industrial laboratories. These new columns are packed with 2.5 μm particles and enable fast separations for an efficient laboratory work.

Separation of herbicides with Kromasil 100-3.5-C18, 150 × 4.6 mm

Mobile phase: A: acetonitrile
B: water
Gradient: 0 - 1,5 min: 40% A
1,5 - 10 min: 40% A→90%
Flow rate: 1,5 ml/min
Temperature: 30 °C
Detection: UV, 254 nm
Compounds: 1 = uracil
2 = fenuron
3 = monuron
4 = diuron
5 = linuron
6 = neburon
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