Kromasil® Eternity

Designed for long life

The innovative Kromasil EternityXT products are specially designed for separation and purification of compounds at pH values from 1 to 12. The high chemical stability of silica/organosilane Kromasil Eternity XT hybrid surface allows for tough pH conditions and high temperatures.

Based on Kromasil 100 Å silica with its high mechanical stability and well-defined pore structure, an organosilane layer is bonded on the silica. Under specific proprietary conditions the organosilane merged organic/inorganic interfacial gradient is achieved. After resizing the pores to their original diameter, the product is finally functionalized (C8, C18 or PhenylHexyl) and endcapped.

In addition to porous Kromasil EternityXT phases, the Core-Shell phase Kromasil EternityShell C18 with a particle size of 2.5 µm is available. Kromasil EternityShell C18 enables fast and efficient separations and is characterized by the same selectivity as the porous silica phase and a high stability under extreme pH conditions ranging from 1 to 12.

Effect of the pH on the selectivity of a separation
with Kromasil EternityXT-2.5-C18, 150 x 4.6 mm

Mobile phase: A: acetonitrile
B: 20 mM sodium phosphate
Gradient: 0 - 0.5 min: 10% A
0.5 - 5.5 min: 10% A→50% A
Flow rate: 1.5 ml/min
Temperature: 25 °C
Detection: UV, 254 nm
Compounds: 1 = uracil
2 = procain
3 = fenuron
4 = 3-nitrobenzone

Schematic representation of the Eternity platform

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