Columns with other HPLC Packing Materials

Since 1987, VDS has been packing optilab HPLC columns with a variety of different bulk materials. Through this many years of experience, we can offer you HPLC columns with the following separation phases, which meet the highest quality requirements:

  • Chemcosorb (Chemco Scientific)
  • Eurospher (Knauer)
  • Hypersil (Thermo) – Caution: Only while stock lasts
  • Inertsil (GL Sciences) – Attention: only while stock lasts
  • Kromasil (Akzo Nobel) – Attention: only while stock lasts
  • LiChrosorb (Merck)
  • LiChrospher (Merck)
  • Nova-Pak (Waters) – Attention: only while stock lasts
  • Nucleosil (Macherey-Nagel) – Attention: only while stock lasts
  • ProntoSIL (Bischoff Chromatography)
  • Spherisorb (Waters) – Attention: only while stock lasts
  • Superspher (Merck)
  • µBondapak (Waters) – Caution: only while supplies last

For many brands mentioned above, we offer well priced, high-performance alternatives of our own brand, VDSpher. Detailed replacement lists can be found in the Download section.

Information on available modifications, particle sizes and pore sizes as well as available column dimensions for the bulk material of your choice can be found in our current price list.

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