Solvent Recycler SPR-110 & Smart Saver

Protect the environment and reducing your costs for solvents and its disposal!

Solvent Recyclers saves up to 90% of mobile phase by redirection of the pure solvent to the solvent reservoir during the isocratic HPLC. Analog input allows unipolar or bipolar operation within range of ± 1V. TTL/contact closure can be configured as auto-zero and valve position control input.

The SPR-110 stand alone unit works according to the tried and tested principle and can be programmed manually without a PC. In laboratories where the use of third-party software is prohibited, this device can be used.

The very compact Smart Saver USB is powered directly from chromatography data system PC, no power adapter is required. User friendly software is provided to configure the parameters, and to perform on-line monitoring/audit trail.

Operating principle
Solvent Recycler continuously monitors output signal of the chromatographic detector. Analog-to-digital converter produces digital data for further evaluation in build-in processor. If the input signal level exceeds the preset value (threshold), Solvent Recycler redi-rects the flow to the waste. When signal goes down Solvent Recycler is waiting for transport delay (consideration of capillary volume between detector and switching valve) and then switch the mobile phase back to the reservoir. Autosampler injection marker connected to the Solvent Recycler may ensure the zeroing of signal input at the moment of injection.

Solvent Recycler
P/N Smart Saver USB: KIT-460010
Solvent Recycler
P/N Solvent Recycler SPR-110: 30-0120
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