VDSpher® MS Phases

Mass spectrometry is becoming more and more crucial as an online detection method. The requirements of the LC/MS analytics are reflected in the conception of HPLC columns. To reduce the solvent quantity and so as not to endanger the vacuum created in the mass spectrometer, columns of smaller dimensions are normally preferred. To profit from a high resolution further, silica gel with a small particle size is recommended for the column. VDSpher MS satisfies this requirement with 2.5 µm separation phases. If the resolution is not crucial, VDSpher MS columns with 4 µm silica gels are also available.

In order to make the selection of our VDSpher separation phases clearer, the VDSpher MS phases were integrated into the VDSpher PUR 100 phase family. The MS separation phases are now available under the name VDSpher PUR 100. We will of course help you with the correct assignment of the modifications.

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