VDSpher® - Use a better column

The VDSpher phases product family was developed for users who prefer an uncomplicated and fast HPLC analysis. Our brand includes the following phases:

The available particle diameters range from 1.8 µm to 55 µm. Bigger-sized particles such as 120 µm diameter can also be delivered upon request. The same selectivity from analytical to preparative chromatography (from UHPLC to preparative HPLC) enables a fast switch-over to a different particle size. For the user, the VDSpher phases permit a target-oriented “upscaling” from analytical HPLC through semi-preparative / preparative HPLC to separation in production scale. Even a “downscaling” of analytical HPLC to UHPLC is simply possible without performing numerous time-consuming tests.

For analytical HPLC the VDSpher phase of choice has a pore size of 100 Å and is suitable for analytes from small to medium molecular weight. In order to analyze larger molecules, VDS optilab offers wide pore silica gels with pore sizes in the range of 150 Å to 1000 Å. For preparative applications through to production scale, 75 Å separation phases are also part of our programme.

Benefit from the advantages of the VDSpher phases product family:

  • very good batch-to-batch stability
  • wide selectivity spectrum
  • very good selectivity
  • very high purity of the silica gels
  • narrow pore size distribution
  • narrow particle size distribution
  • high plate numbers


VDSpher® separation phases are available for a broad range of applications:



Narrow particle size distributions guaranteed by latest production processes:

Particle Size Distribution
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