Column Hardware from 1.0 to 63 mm ID

VDS optilab supplies proven stainless steel separation columns and cartridge systems optimized for this purpose.

These column harware type is used by many German HPLC column producers and stand for quality, functionality and longevity and it is "Made in Germany"!

We offer stainless steel columns from 1.0 to 63 mm inner diameter at almost any desired length.

Refill Service - Saves money and protect the enviroment!

VDS optilab columns are very often refillable without any loss of performance. Take advantage of this refill service, protect the environment and save money on every Refill-Column! Send us your used columns for refill, these columns will be checked and re-filled with bulk materials of your choice.


We try to offer any desired column size. If you can not find the required column length in our standard delivery program, please contact us. Our mechanical workshop can produce almost anything.

Here you can find more information about our column hardware:
>> Download VDS optilab column hardware brochure


Guard Cartridge systems:

Guard cartridges for protecting your HPLC columns (for columns from 2.0 to 4.6 mm inner diameter) are available in 5, 10 and 20 mm lengths. We offer two different types of cartridge holder:

1. Direct Connecting Guard Cartridge Holder

This holder is screwed directly on the HPLC column and therefore the dead volume is very low. You can use this system in conjunction with the VDS optilab column hardware only. The direct connecting guard cartridge holder is offered in two variants, Type_1 for 10 mm (K1) and 20 mm (K2) cartridges and Type_2 for 5 mm (K05) cartridges:

Type 1 - P/N: 15020508 for cartridges with 10 and 20 mm length (K1 + K2)
Type 2 - P/N: 15020508K05 for cartridges with 5 mm length (K05)

2. Stand Alone Guard Cartridge Holder

This holder is connected to the HPLC column by using a capillary or a special adapter. You can also use the stand alone guard cartridge holder in conjunction with HPLC columns from other manufacturers. We offer the stand alone guard cartridge holder in three variants:

P/N: 1546.4100K05 for cartridges with 5 mm length (K05)
P/N: 1546.4100K1 for cartridges with 10 mm length (K1)
P/N: 1546.4100K2 for cartridges with 20 mm length (K2)
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