Why Degassing?

Dissolved gasses in a fluidic system can often cause troubles. When the pressure or the temperature changes, the dissolved gasses can form bubbles which affect the accuracy, precision and performance of your equipment. On-line degassing is a very efficient way of removing dissolved gasses from the liquid and prevent bubble formation.


On-line Degassing
Our Degasser use a very effecient and secure on-line degassing technique with a semi-permeable membrane made of Systec PTFE-AF. The fluid is running on the inside of the degassing membrane, and on the outside vacuum is applied. The dissolved gases will then be transported through the membarne, while the fluid stays on the inside. This will reduce the dissolved gases to such an extent that formation of bubbles are prevented.

Biotech (Systec) DEGASi® Degasser
VDS optilab offers On-line-Degasser for micro-, analytical- and preparative applications. We would be glad to send you a personal offer for the right Degasser for your application.

Here is the current VDS optilab Degasser price list for download: >> Download price list

Learn more about Biotech DEGASi® Degasser: www.biotechfluidics.com/products/degassing-debubbling/

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