VICI® Jour / VICI® Valco

VDS optilab offers you the complete HPLC and LC accessory product lines from VICI Valco and VICI Jour.

VICI Valco is the first choice for switching valves for HPLC, UHPLC, GC and LC. The Valco valve product lines are very complete and leave little to be desired. Besides switching valves, you will find fittings, capillaries and GC columns in the VICI Valco catalog.

The VICI Jour catalog provides you with everything you need for accessories at your HPLC measuring stations. Capillaries, fittings, ferrules, adapters, tools, hoses, frits, filters, mobile phase handling systems and much more!


Catalogue requirement:

Catalogs are available on request, please let us know which of the VICI catalogs you need:

VICI Valco (switching valves and HPLC accessories) or VICI Jour (HPLC accessories)
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Catalog VICI Valco (switching valves and HPLC accessories)

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Catalog VICI Jour (HPLC Accessories)

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