VDSpher® Ion-Exchange Phases

The product line VDSpher PUR is completed with ion-exchange phases based on silica gel.

The phase VDSpher PUR 100 NH2, known as a normal phase material, can be applied in the ion-exchange mode equally. Additionally, the amino phases VDSpher Classic 100 AP and VDSpher Classic 100 DAP are available for ion-exchange chromatography (IEX). Another option offered as weak anion-exchanger is the phase VDSpher PUR 100 PEI. For this, VDSpher PUR basic silica gel is modified with polyethylenimine via a spacer. VDSpher PUR PEI achieves the optimum anion-exchange capacity in the range of pH = 4-7. For the chromatographic separation, ionic strength and changes in pH value of the mobile phase are responsible for the adsorption and desorption of the analytes. The ion-exchange capacities of the available VDSpher 100 anion-exchange phases are shown in the Table.

Ion-Exchange Capacities: VDSpher® 100 Anion-Exchanger

Phase Ion exchange capacity [mmol/g]
NH₂ Classic & PUR 0.95
AP Classic 0.85
DAP Classic



A phase for cation-exchange is also offered with VDSpher PUR 100 OA-1, whereby H+ serves as counterion for the functional group. The phase has an exchange capacity of 0.5 mmol/g and silanophilic activity as well. The separation of organic acids without buffer addition in particular, is enabled by VDSpher PUR OA-1.

Ion-exchange phases are available with a pore size of 100 Å and a particle diameter of 5 µm. VDSpher Classic 100 AP is only available with particle diameter of 15 µm, 30 µm or 55 µm.

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