VDSpher® PUR HILIC Phases

HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography) is a special variant of HPLC in which hydrophilic normal phase modifications are handled with mobile phases normally used in reversed phase chromatography. The separation of very polar substances is promoted this way, which are otherwise extremely difficult to analyse by the proven HPLC methods.

In the HILIC mode, an aqueous layer is formed on the surface of the stationary phase. The separation of the analytes is based on a complex combination of different effects, because in addition to the usual interactions, the distribution of the analytes between mobile phase and water layer adds a crucial influence.

The ability to retard polar substances is one of the special strengths of HILIC. Thus for example, Uracil, which is used frequently as dead time marker in HPLC, retards strongly in the HILIC mode, as is illustrated in the Figure below.

The available VDSpher PUR HILIC phase modifications are shown in the Table hereinafter. The optimum phase for each HILIC application can be selected via the different available modifications. Thus, VDSpher PUR HILIC-AM and especially VDSpher PUR HILIC-SAC are ideal for sugar separations, while the analysis of nucleobases can be performed ideally with VDSpher PUR HILIC-Z.

VDSpher PUR HILIC phases are normally available with a pore diameter of 100 Å and a medium particle size of 5 µm.

HILIC Modifications: VDSpher® PUR 100 HILIC

Phase Modification USP Code
HILIC-Z Zwitterionic -
HILIC-OH Dihydroxyalkyl L20
HILIC-AM Alkylamine L8
HILIC-SAC Alkylamine L8
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