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VDSpher Blockbuster separation phases as an excellent replacement for many cost-intensive HPLC columns

Here you will find an overview on the six most frequently purchased VDSpher Reversed Phases. In addition to phase characteristics and application conditions, recommendations for replacing phases of other manufacturers by the respective VDSpher Reversed Phase are given.

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VDSpher Blockbuster Separation Phases


NEW HPLC Columns Price List 2023

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New Kromasil prices will apply from August 2022 - download here:
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The developments of the last few months, with the extraordinarily sharp increase in raw material and energy costs, are also having a massive impact on VDS optilab GmbH. The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that we can no longer compensate for these renewed cost increases and have reduced our prices for HPLC Columns up to 10 mm inner diameter have to be raised by 5% and for columns from 20 mm inner diameter by 3%. Guard column cartridges and column accessories are unaffected by these increases. Please take this price adjustment into account in the printed prices in our HPLC column price list 2022. Thank you for your understanding!


VDS optilab is your sales & service partner for VICI Valco & VICI Jour products. We offer support for all questions about Valco switching valves.


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Kromasil 100 Å C18 (w)

The Kromasil latest innovation a new wettable phase, that has been specifically designed for polar compounds. This Kromasil 100 Å C18(w) permits loading and run start in 100% aqueous, enabling new opportunities for engineers and scientists working with HPLC.

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VDSpher® Core-Shell-Mode Phases

VDSpher CSM columns represent a versatile alternative to columns packed with superficially porous particles. In combination with a specially designed fully porous pore system, the 2.5 µm particle size materials enable versatile column performance comparable with SPPs columns.

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Solvent Recycler SPR-110

From now on, VDS optilab again offers a solvent recycler that works according to the well-tried principle of the "ELU-SAVE". As requests for these devices have recently increased, we have decided to offer a device that is manually programmable and working as stand alone unit without software installation.

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New VICI Jour catalog

Now available, the new accessory catalog from VICI Jour. Everything you need for small parts, such as fittings, capillaries, etc. can be found in this catalog. Especially the SAFTY PRODUCTS are getting more and more into focus. Here you will find a wide selection at moderate prices!

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Optigel CarbEx II, Polymer Phases for HPLC Applications

Under the name Optigel, VDS optilab offers various ion-exchange separation phases on a polymer basis. The matrix used as basic material is a polystyrene-divinylbenzene network modified in accordance with the desired function.

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VDSpher® ALTO DESEMPENHO EM FASES DE SEPARAÇÃO - Folheto informativo em português.

Para os nossos clientes em Portugal e no Brasil, oferecemos o folheto informativo VDSpher em Português.

For our customers in Portugal and Brazil, our VDSpher info booklet is now also available in Portuguese.



VDSpher® MS Phases

Mass spectrometry is becoming more and more crucial as an online detection method. The requirements of the LC/MS analytics are reflected in the conception of HPLC columns. To reduce the solvent quantity and so as not to endanger the vacuum created in the mass spectrometer, columns of smaller dimensions are normally preferred. To profit from a high resolution further, silica gel with a small particle size is recommended for the column. VDSpher MS satisfies this requirement with 2.5 µm separation phases. If the resolution is not crucial, VDSpher MS columns with 4 µm silica gels are also available.

In principle, any VDSpher column can be used for LC/MS. Because as a sensitive detection method, mass spectrometry is in a position to display very low impurities, depending on the application e.g., carry-overs from previous runs (“carry-over effect“) VDSpher MS phases are selected specially to avoid these effects. In all, ten different modifications are available. The C18 phases enable a large bandwidth of hydrophilic (C18-H, C18-LC-H) and hydrophobic (C18-DE, C18-B-DE) applications. The not endcapped phase C18-B has medium hydrophobicity. Additionally, there are hydrophobic VDSpher MS phases with C8, C4, Phenyl and CN modifications.

The pore diameter of all VDSpher MS phases is 100 Å. Available modifications are displayed below:

VDSpher® MS phases

Phase Endcapping Carbon content [%] pH range USP Code
VDSpher® MS 100 C18-DE yes 17.2 2 - 9 L1
VDSpher® MS 100 C18-B no 17.7 2 - 7.5 L1
VDSpher® MS 100 C18-B-DE yes 20.1 2 - 11 L1
VDSpher® MS 100 C18-H polar


2 - 7.5 L1
VDSpher® MS 100 C18-LC-H hydrophilic 13.5 2 - 8 L1
VDSpher® MS 100 C8-B-DE yes 11.2 2 - 10 L7
VDSpher® MS 100 C4-B-DE yes 7.3 2 - 9 L26
VDSpher® MS 100 Phenyl-DE yes 10.9 2 - 9 L11
VDSpher® MS 100 CN-DE yes 7.2 2 - 9 L10
VDSpher® MS 100 CN-DE-RP yes 7.2 2 - 9 L10
Sterols and Oxysterols
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