Kromasil® SFC

Designed for green technology

Kromasil SFC spherical silica phase columns are tailor-made for fast separations in research and routine analysis. Next to the bare silica surface, the 2.5 µm silica particles (pore size 100Å) are also available in cyano, diol, silica, and 2 ethylpyridine modifications allowing for analysis of a wide range of non-polar to strongly polar compounds.
Laboratories working with green technology and looking for improvement of turnaround time will benefit from the separation power of the Kromasil SFC 2.5 µm columns.
Additionally, a four columns kit for screening studies with one column of each phase above in one box with 3 mm inner diameter can be purchased.

Kromasil SFC Screening-Kit

Kromasil SFC Screening-Kit
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